OptiBrusher Full Mouth toothbrush


Our Channels make us better

Introducing the OptiBrusher Full Mouth toothbrush. It works with the motion of the  lower jaw. No toothpaste, just a splash of a fluoride mouthwash, chew, and go. We are food grade silicone so the FDA approves it for use. Because we have channels throughout the appliance it allows fluid to flow, so just a splash of mouthwash is needed. The channels also allow for drying so it will not harbor bacteria.

We are affordable!

With new technologies, we can use silicone injection method for "printing" a FDA approved silicone which is soft and effective for intraoral use to remove bacterial plaque and disrupting biofilm. The soft wide bristles have a larger surface area and softer feel which is effective in removing bacterial and preventing disease. 

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An expert dental hygienist, in practice for over 30 years, created the OptiBrusher to help her patients that had a hard time using a toothbrush. Everyone can use the OptiBrusher not just disabled or hospital bound. It is now quick, easy and fun to brush in the morning. Toothpaste does not remove plaque, brushing does. 

Her other research includes: The Circular Method of Brushing.


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